How on earth did we get here?  The overriding issue in the GE 2017 should be Brexit and the probable break-up of the UK.  That will be the focus of this blog in the run up to 8 June.

The site’s previous description:

The EU Referendum looms.  The choice facing the UK electorate is stark but opaque.  It is momentous and yet, true to form, many politicians and much of our media trivialises the issues at stake.

In the remaining time before 23 June, I aim to offer some clear thinking.  I am strongly committed to “Remain” but I will try to avoid polemic.  I aim not to demean myself or any readers by obfuscating and dissembling.

My concern is to explore the choice before us in moral terms.  For me, voting is about morality.  I consider that I am under a duty to make the moral choice.  [I recognise, of course, that each voter has the right to vote on whtever basis they see fit.  If you vote on the basis of what government or outcome is best for you personally, so be it.  I quite understand how, given cultural norms in our post-modern world, you may have come to think that voting is like shopping:  it’s a matter of personal choice.  I will not try to bring you round to my moralistic approach but I would challenge you to consider what constitutes the best for you personally.  No person is an island.  Is it not best for you to live in a peaceful and secure world?  Is it possible that what is best for the country or the world is fundamentally best for you?  But, otherwise, don’t let me detain you.  I hope you find other commentators who will help you to adjudge whether staying or leaving is best for you.]

And if you think we should leave the EU, then please read on if you will … or not.  I wish you well.  Whatever the outcome, we must try to make the best of it.  No doubt there will be much recrimination and rancour.  I don’t want to fuel that.

By all means send me your critique of what I write.  By all means be forthright.  I will add your comments to the blog unless there is an overriding reason not to (e.g. gratuitous rudeness!).  Indeed, the more cogent your challenge the more quickly I will post it.

FYI, Dugald is not a member of any political party.

From earlier posts, you will divine that he is not a nationalist and that, like many, he misread the runes ahead of the last UK general election.




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